Bird Sightings for May 2023

May 1 We got our FOY White-crowned Sparrows under the feeder this morning. On 4/28 at about 11 AM we stopped for about 15 minutes at the Ulm bridge. There must have been a fantastic thermal because we saw 3 Bald Eagles, 3 Red-tailed Hawks and 2 Turkey Vultures all riding it at once. And they all looked like they were having a good time! Also at that stop and on the way home were 1 more eagle on the nest, 2 Osprey on the Ulm FAS nest, 1 on the middle nest and 2 on the upper nest, 2 Kestrel, numerous Meadowlarks and a Robin. –Kitty and Kris

May 1 I saw my first White-crowned Sparrow at Giant Springs this morning. In addition to the 3 white- crowned sparrows, I found 20-30 or more Bonaparte’s Gulls mixed in with the Franklins Gulls at the Rainbow dam pullout of Giant Springs. They were smaller and had that little faint black dot behind the eye. Only one was getting its black head. It could be distinguished from the Franklins because of the tinier bill which was black (opposed to the orange of the Franklins) and they have no white broken eye ring. They are just passing through. –Beth Hill

May 2 I saw a proud Canadian Goose pair with tiny little yellow goslings on the Missouri today about half way between Giant Springs and the wide gravel parking/fishing spot before you get to the railroad trestle. We had our first Red-breasted Nuthatch on the old cottonwood tree in the front yard this afternoon. –Bev Axelsen

May 8 I knew I had to walk up to Garden Home Park this morning. When I got within sight I saw that the goose on the platform had extra “stuff” around her that looked yellow. Sure enough as I got closer I could see they were goslings. Mom stood up and looked around. I thought she wouldn’t be staying long – the kids had to eat. She sat back down when a pair of helicopters circled around over the river for several minutes. I took my time walking around the park. (The Osprey is still standing – no eggs there yet). Then she stood back up. This time she took tentative steps to the edge of the nest. She looked at the cross bar, back at the goslings, back at the cross bar, down to the ground. Another step. Then she was on the ground. It took about 30 seconds for the first two to follow her to the ground. Just a step/leap. Another 30 seconds and the third hopped off. The last two had to ponder awhile. Finally, #4 took a dive and #5 followed soon after. Be- tween 11:25 and 11:28 am the nest went from full to empty. Timing is everything. I could head back home. –Beth Hill

May 11 Swainson’s Hawks used to nest in the cottonwood trees at the corner near the stone pillars (where I live). That nest disappeared and I haven’t found another nest in the area. Last evening I saw two Swainson’s soaring over the house. They flew down and I walked out front where I saw them perching on the utility pole. One flew off before I got the camera up. I’m hoping they’ll nest nearby again! — Bev Axels

May 11 FOY Western Kingbird this morning. — Kitty & Kris

May 11 Have our first Lincoln’s Sparrow of the year. Our Chickadees have 7 eggs in the birdhouse. — Richard Mousel

May 12 Had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet visit our fountain for a bath. — Richard Mousel

May 13 Don’t know if it’s the same one but we had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet come get a bath again tonight, it sings to announce his presence first. –Richard Mousel

May 13 Both Swainson Hawks were out front feeding this morning; I hope that means they’ll nest nearby. We saw our first House Wren yesterday – it came right up on the deck where my husband and I were sitting. Lots of bits of robin egg shells on the ground – know where a few nests are but there must be more than I can’t see. — Bev Axelsen

May 13 I stepped out my car at Garden Home Park about noon and heard my first Yellow Warblers of the year. How sweet it is. Beth Hill