August 2016

Thain Creek Field Trip Report

It was sunny and calm on the 13th of August – quite a change from some of our recent field trips. We set out for Thain Creek after visiting with some gentlemen that were driving a nice looking Ford Model T out to Monarch for the opening of the restored train station. It holds 10 gallons of gas. Trips have to be planned carefully. It didn’t take long before we were pulling off to the side of the road to check out “bird!”. Along the Highwood highway it was primarily Swainson’s and Red-tailed Hawks. One Swainson’s was a dark adult – according to Sibley’s the combined dark and intermediate morphs are less than 10 percent of the population, more in the far west. Once we hit the gravel road the real fun began. From this point it was another 2 hours before we reached the Thain Creek trailhead – a lot of stops to get out and take closer looks.

August 13 Field Trip

After a busy week at the State Fair we will celebrate with a field trip. On Saturday we will do a hiking field trip from Thain Creek in the Highwoods. It will also serve as a scouting trip for a couple bird walks UMBA is guiding for B.O.W. (Becoming and Outdoor Woman) the following weekend. We will explore up the creek and up a hill starting from Thain Creek. We will be walking through several different habitats. We did this walk earlier this year – before any leaves were out. It will be nice to compare the two trips.
We will meet in the 4B’s parking area, between 4B’s and Conlins. Be ready to leave at 7 AM. Dress for the weather, for some walking along mountain trails and possibly some wet ground. Return is anticipated to be early to mid-afternoon (2-3 PM). Bring drink and food accordingly. We’ll try to find a scenic lunch spot.
Make your reservation by sending an email to umbaudubon@