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Bird Sightings for Oct 2023

Oct 21 Walked thru the pasture to the river just before dawn looking for Sandhill Cranes. There were about 50 feeding in the pasture the day before. But today they just flew over and never landed. Counted between 50 – 75 in small groups for about 30 minutes. Attached is a photo with an adult flying with a juvenile. – Jan Wilson

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2023 UMBA Christmas Bird Count

UMBA invites anyone interested in helping with this year’s census to come to the Monday, December 11, 2023 chapter meeting, 7:00 PM in the FWP Regional Headquarters conference room (4600 Giant Springs Road).

Preventing Window Strikes

How this “Bird-Friendly Yard” Site is Different

Most bird-friendly yard websites only urge homeowners to add native plants to increase songbird survival. Of course, this site does also. But the other sites do not show homeowners how to make their yard safe for birds. This website does.

How to Choose a Bird Window Collision System: Compare costs, effectiveness

By Jim Cubie

This video shows you how to choose a good system to stop bird window collisions and what system to avoid. It compares their costs, effect on the view out the window, and explains how they work. It has links to all the vendors and DIY directions for all approved systems

eBird Montana

A real-time, online checklist program, eBird and Montana Audubon have set up a unique page just for Montana bird sightings.