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Wings Across the Big Sky—2023

Mark your calendars for June 9-11, 2023. Montana’s premier birding festival is coming to Great Falls next summer! Wings Across the Big Sky sponsored by Montana Audubon and co-hosted by our own Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon group is a 3-day festival that includes dozens of field trips, a kid-friendly family event, and a keynote presentation.

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Bird Sightings for April 2023

Feb 28 –  Tuesday morning (2/28) when I made a quick trip out to the West Bank area the first thing I saw were 8 big, bulky, upright standing birds…. all Bald Eagles. They were a mix of all ages. There were 150 Canada Geese and more coming in to land at the tip of the big island even with the eagles standing around. It wasn’t long until one eagle took off, then another and then ALL the geese lifted off, soon there was just one eagle. There were some other people walking in the direction of the geese that may have triggered the mass exodus of geese and eagles. Later that afternoon, my husband filled the feeder and stood still while Chickadees descended on the feed- er. He said he counted 20!!! Usually, we will see 4-6 at a time. – Beth Hill

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Preventing Window Strikes

How this “Bird-Friendly Yard” Site is Different

Most bird-friendly yard websites only urge homeowners to add native plants to increase songbird survival. Of course, this site does also. But the other sites do not show homeowners how to make their yard safe for birds. This website does.

How to Choose a Bird Window Collision System: Compare costs, effectiveness

By Jim Cubie

eBird Montana

A real-time, online checklist program, eBird and Montana Audubon have set up a unique page just for Montana bird sightings.